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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my site on the latest news, updates, trends, insights, and reviews on the best dating, relationships, attraction, and social dynamic tips online! I will be providing everybody with as much value as possible, and I hope that everyone can benefit from my dating reviews as much as possible.

I know for myself, how frustrating it can be, not to be able to get a girlfriend. AND especially not being able to even TALK to girls. TRUST ME, it was the hardest thing for me in the world!

I would have rather signed up to the army and get drafted to Afghanistan and GO TO WAR than talk to a random girl! I was serious! I almost did this!

In fact, I couldn’t even talk to girls who were part of my social circle, that well.

But after many, many, many, many cases of trial and error, reading TONS of books, taking seminars, going through every course on the internet, watching hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours of video, learning, learning, learning and ESPECIALLY after the thousands of approaches and rejections and actually talking to girls, I can say with COMPLETE AND UTTER confidence: BEING GOOD WITH GIRLS CAN BE LEARNED!

I know it’s cliche, but if I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!

It is a SKILL! Just like with boxing, fishing (check out tao of badass for more fishes), snowboarding, etc, etc, it can be learned over time. And one important thing here is TIME. You must not try to hurry this skill. It takes lots and lots of practice, and takes a lot of effort. It’s kind of like building muscle. You can lift and lift all you want, but you WON’T get 18 inch arms or a six pack within a week! It’s just not possible.

BUT, if you keep hitting the gym and keep working out after many months, and maybe a few years, YOU WILL BE A FRIGGIN MONSTER!

It is exactly the same thing with getting good with girls. Your first date will seem like trying to bench press for the first time. You’ll begin trembling and maybe not even be able to lift the bar halfway, but you will get strong with TIME. I promise you.

HOWEVER. There are ways you can SHORTCUT this entire process of time. And that is either by getting a coach, OR learning from GOOD MATERIAL, which will help you accelerate the pace of learning this dating stuff.

That is the purpose of this website. To provide you with the best courses on dating and relationships online, (like pandora’s box system and the desire system). I will be reviewing some of the more popular dating advice courses out there, and give you my two cents on them. If I think it’s a piece of crap, then I will say it. Actually, I probably won’t even review it if it’s a piece of crap :).

Other than girls, I LOVE helping others. It’s one of the most rewarding and best feelings in the world when I help someone out and they are genuinely thankful for it. It’s what I live for. So this is my gift to you. I hope you enjoy the reviews and info that I provide.

I hope to be speaking with you soon. And remember to check out my reviews such as spartagen xt and relationship rewind review and the girlfriend activation system. Stay tuned for more updates on my website. Stay strong. Stay motivated. And of course, get laid my friends. Talk to you soon.




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