My CRAZY Relationship Rewind Review – Magic Letter?

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So, I’m going to do something special today and a little different. I’m going to be reviewing a RELATIONSHIP program. I usually don’t review programs that are dedicated to getting your ex back or that are aimed at couples, but I’m going to make an exception this time. Just because the program I’m reviewing, is such an Rewind Your RelationshipAWESOME product.

As much as I like to say that you such seek other girls instead of lingering over your old girlfriend, SOMETIMES, you just can’t let go and MUST get your perfect soul mate back.

This goes for both guys and girls, because the course is designed for BOTH men and women.

There are TWO different courses:

One for men. And one for women. So make sure you SPECIFICY which one you are before you purchase.

What can the program do for me?

You can GET BACK with your EX, by implementing some VERY EFFECTIVE psychological tactics, including what Ryan Rivers calls the “Magic Letter” (more on this later).

You don’t have to chase her/him to win them back.

You don’t have to keep calling them and try to break down their barriers.

What am I getting with the Relationship Rewind system?

You’ll be getting the following:

  • The Core Relationship Rewind Course. Laid out in a easy to follow PDF ebook
  • Ex-files: a series which involves interviews from REAL-LIFE couples who have gotten back together with the principles outlines in the course.
  • The Clear Truth: Being honest to each other and opening up, and guides on how to do this.
  • MANY, MANY other bonuses are included as well.


The way the program works is finding out which STAGE of the relationship you are in, then implementing the different strategies laid out for the different stages and finally working your way back to “bliss” (more on this later).

The whole course isn’t reliant on the idea of “getting your ex back.”

INSTEAD, it focuses on making your ex WANT you back. And it goes into a very strategic way of doing this.

You’ll get introduce to the “bliss bomb” (again, more on this later) and how POWERFUL this can be.

The course shows you which part of the relationship you are in, and how you can use the strategies to get back into “bliss.”

It also provides step by step action steps, so you can identify some crucial parts of the relationship. One of this is the TRUE reason why she/he has left you.

Depending on which stage you are in, you get a basic strategy on how to go about and get your girl/guy back. It also goes over how to COMMUNICATE with your ex (the “magic letter” was VERY INSIGHTFUL), because it might be hard to contact them, after you have broken up.

These are some of the techniques that are inside the program:

1. Emotion first, Love laterRelationship Stages
2. The False Friendship
3. The Bliss Bomb

The Three Relationship mechanisms are:

1. Drift
2. Switch
3. Bliss

And finally, the escalating relationship killers:

1. Relationship Decay
2. Relationship breakdown
3. Death’s door


 Why Relationship rewind works?

My review wouldn’t be honest if, I told you that it’ll work for everyone. It CAN work for everyone, but it all depends on the individual and their effort.

So the reason why this system works so well, is because it combines many EMOTIONAL techniques together to have your ex WANTING to FEEL those emotions again.

And the only way to feel those emotions again, are getting back with you. Now that you know exactly why program works, let me give you some of the HOW the program works, by GIVING you parts of the actual program.

The SECRETS of getting her/him back

FINALLY! The moment you’ve been waiting for! My review would not be complete without some SWEET info from the actual product itself. So let me talk about “bliss.”

So what is “bliss”?

Bliss is the stage of the relationship when you are ABSOLUTELY 100% happy, where you feel like life couldn’t get any better.

But not only is this bliss, but BOTH of you each try to work out any obstacles in the relationship. This is usually what healthy couples do, and how long-term relationships are created.

NOW, what is the SECRET of the “bliss bomb”?

Go back to a time in your relationship, where you two share something very VALUABLE and IMPORTANT together. Maybe a funny moment, an inside joke, an interesting event, or a trip you two took together. Something that only YOU TWO SHARE and no one else.

The emotional ties of you two being TOGETHER when you bring up these memories or emotions. They are “anchored” (an advanced psychology technique) into her mind. So let’s say she The Magic Letterhears a song on the radio, and that song reminds her of an event that you two shared. This is the power of anchoring and is the main component of the “bliss bomb.”

So how can you detonate the “bliss bomb?”

You can use..THE MAGIC LETTER!

The magic letter is something used to bringing your partner back into bliss. It is INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE and can turn even the most cold ex back into bliss.

It is generally a letter, which can convey the bliss bomb into the message and written in a way which will send a huge amount of different EMOTIONS INTO HIS/HER MIND!

What to write in the magic letter?

If you want your EX to come RUNNING back to you, the magic letter is DEFINITELY the way to do it. But unfortunately, I can’t give you EVERYTHING strategy that’s in the program. But you can get the strategy for yourself here:

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Pros and Cons


  • Awesome, awesome core program, with a ton of scientific fact to back it up.
  • Many psychological techniques that can be really effective in controlling the emotions of your partner.
  • Tons of bonuses


  • Can be confusing at first
  • Some tactics can be used for evil (these are really powerful stuff so use them for GOOD things only!)

Final Thoughts

So that’s my version of the rewinding your relationship course. Remember, only get the program, if YOU 100% BELIEVE that he/she is your soulmate. Because you really need commitment if you want your soulmate back. No matter how good of a program relationship rewind really is, it won’t do the work for you! You must go out and TAKE ACTION in order for it to work.

So at the end of the day, the question is: HOW BAD DO YOU WANT YOUR LOVE BACK?

If you can’t live without the love of your life, then purchase the course right away. Well, I hope you found my review useful in one way or another. I hope you got tons of value out of it. And I sincerely wish you the best in getting the love of your life back. Thanks so much for reading! Best wishes:

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