Can You Create Uncontrollable LUST? The Desire System Review – By Dr. David Tian

Yoyo wudddup guys!Dr. David Tian

It is time for The Desire System Review by Dr. David Tian (awesome first name btw :D). Yup, the guys a REAL doctor and he’s a total badass.

As usual, if you hate hearing bad and blunt sh1t about products, please leave now. BUT, if you LOVE my blunty honesty (if that’s even a word), read my review.

Here’s a quick link to download the program:

Click Here to Download the Desire System by Dr. David Tian

Here’s my quick recap and summary of the desire program:

Pros and Cons


  • Entails details from MANY dating courses all into one
  • A very NATURAL approach to creating attraction
  • Backup by pure science yo
  • Very easy to learn, but mastering it may take some time


  • LOTS of material, including the bonuses, which may take some time to go over
  • He references a lot of material, which you may have to purchase in order to get more in depth info about it.

My Bottom Line:

If you are anywhere near serious about pickup, dating, attraction and just getting the hottest girls alive into your bed, GET THIS PRORGRAM.

It goes over the entire EMOTIONAL part of the female brain and it’s something that you shouldn’t be without when picking up girls.

What’s the program all about?

It is all based on a concept of emotional contagion. Wikipedia defines emotional contagion as “the tendency for two individuals to emotionally converge.”

Dr. Tian (not to be confused with Dr. David TAN, which was probably a typo, but his real name is TIAN) calls it the Emotional Activation System, or EAS. This concept has been bounced around the dating community for quite some time now. But Dr. Dave finally does it justice by going extremely in depth with the idea.

emotional activation systemYou may heard of this concept which come in the name of: Law of State Transference, Mirror Neurons, Emotional Intelligence, what you feel she feels, etc, etc. He takes the concept of mirror neurons taken from the books, Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and puts it on steroids.

He also combines the idea of “the Rake” character from the book Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.

The concept:

So the basic concept of mirror neurons IS:


So if you are feeling extremely lustful and sexual, and then you INTENSIFY those feelings to the MAX, then she will ALSO feel the same lustful and sexual way. He goes over several very clever techniques in doing this, but I will be SHARING with you one of them (sneak peak inside, yall know?) later.

Why are emotions important?

Because women, are VERY HIGHLY dependent on their emotions. Most men have a MUCH LOWER EQ (emotional intelligence) than women.

Woman live in their emotions, that’s just the way their biochemical makeup is designed. While men have a very limited range of emotions, woman have a HUGE spectrum of emotions they can associate to.

Dr. David Tian also emphasizes that you need to be the ideal character in order to attract the hottest girls. He defines this character as “the Rake.” And he is actually known as the “Asian Rake.”

He mentions some historical rakes:

Picasso, Don Juan, Robbie Williams, Elvis, Bill Clinton (lol), and Russell Brand. David mentioned that Neil Strauss called Russell Brand the best natural he’s ever seen.

So, in the program, David takes the concept of the Rake combines it with the concept of Emotional Activation System and all of that boils down to becoming the IDEAL man.

This is what he says about the ideal man:

It is based on evolutionary science & psychology which is summarized in the book Evolution of Desire by David Buss (so many people named David!)

After years and years of research and development, Dr. David Buss has drilled down WHAT WOMEN WANT into a few categories:

  • Wealth
  • Status
  • Ambition & industriousness
  • Physical prowess (size, strength, and health)
  • Intelligence (as reliable predictor of economic prowess)

Women unconsciously choose men with these traits


Here’s the clincher.

It is more important than ANY of those listed above.



Because at the end of the day, you can have all the wealth, status, intelligence, but those are just a means to an end.

The END RESULT of those are GOOD FEELINGS. And that’s why Dr. David (Buss) and Dr. David (Tian) and Dr. David (Me) ALL AGREE that the most important thing a woman wants is good feelings.

You can UNDERCUT wealth, status, intelligence, etc., by providing the girl good feelings. And This System shows you EXACTLY how you can control a girls emotions.

How Can You Inject a Girl with GOOD Friggin Feelings? Click Here to Find Out

The System Structure

The Desire course is composed of a closed-invited only lecture during a two day period. You can get the program in Video or Audio, or both.

It is broken up into two parts:

Day 1: Desire
Day 2: Lust

Desire on day 1 covers the information part of the course. He introduces the concept of Emotional Activation System, the rake character, and the ideal man.

Day 2 is named Lust. This is where he shows you how to implement the concepts that were given in day 1. He also shows you with a REAL LIFE demonstration on a girl on how the emotional activation system works.

He also tells you actual step by step techniques on how to use the course. Literal, step by step and word for word actions you can take.

The program isn’t for those looking for a quick fix. It is structure to master both INNER and OUTER game.

BUT, once you get it down, YOU CAN create DESIRE at will, by using the mirror neurons.


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Inside The Desire System

Secrets From The Desire System

So, here comes the part you’ve been waiting for. I’m going to reveal part of the program. You know I wouldn’t let you down :).

I’ll give you an OPENER or approach technique, LINE FOR LINE that is taken directly from the system, and which goes PERFECTLY with emotional contagion.

Here it is:

With EAS, any words work. Make sure to use the Dominant Emotions we talked about.Dr David Tian Demonstrating
Dramatic Direct Opener (Advanced)

  • Excuse me/Hey, I saw you [doing X-activity] and I just wanted to come over to tell you…[Pause] I think…[Pause] you are…[Pause] [Y-adjective]. And I just wanted to come meet you.
  • Count to 2 seconds during pauses
  • Use a big adjective – don’t use cute or pretty. Use something big, like maybe gorgeous. A backup word could be adorable.
  • REMEMBER, you need to be feeling the Dominant EMOTIONS while, and especially DURING the pauses, while looking her in the eye.

This opener and approach works EXTREMELY well. But you MUST use it with the other emotional transference techniques taught in the desire system. So make sure you download it, to get full advantage.

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EXTRA BONUS Insider Secret

JUST BECAUSE I love you so much, I’ll give you EVEN more techniques from the actual course itself. I’m giving it to you, because I can’t stress enough how good the program is. So to give you more of a sneak peak of what you are getting, here it is.


Controlling your blinking is EXTREMELY POWERFUL! It can make or break your dominant emotions.

Try not to blink so much when you are talking to a girl.

If you are going to blink, make sure to blink SLOWLY.

Here is a good examples of good blinking:


That’s my review on The Desire System! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It is honestly, my deepest desire (no pun intended) to provide you guys with as much good content as possible. And I will vouch for this program, that it is truly GOOD content.

But remember, as always, you must TAKE ACTION, once you have gone through the course. Practice, practice, practice. And you will get there. You will have hot girls surrounding you. And you will find the love of your life. Thanks for reading guys. Stay strong. Stay motivated. And GET LAID!

Click Here to INSTANTLY Download the System to Create Desire at Will





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