About Me


So, a little background about me. I was always a very quiet and shy kid. I was one of those nerd guys that couldn’t wait to get home to play video games or watch TV. I never really went, out. And even on weekends my favorite thing to do would be to stay in and watch movies or play games. This was basically my life until High school. During High school, I learned a lot about social life and started getting more and more into it. I was actually a little social. But was still HORRIBLE with girls.

I graduated high school without having a single girlfriend. And even for prom, I went with a “friend” of mine, who was actually forced to go with me, because she never got asked (you can probably tell that she wasn’t much attractive, if she wasn’t asked).

And even during the beginning of college, I would mostly stay in my dorm room or apartment playing either counter-strike or Warcraft with my roommates.

Then, a girl that I liked (yes, I still liked girls, despite being non-social, and was and am still very in love with girls :D) turned out to be a complete girl player (aka Whore. excuse my language). I thought she was the nicest girl in the world! But, it turned out she slept with SEVERAL of my friends. I don’t know why, but this made me furious. So I decided, that I needed to get to the bottom of this and I went on a massive research and learning period.

I first researched and learned about social interactions. You know the good old How to Win Friends and Influence People and Dale Carnegie concepts about being social and being likeable. But, as my thirst quenched for more, I somehow stumbled unto pick-up. And the rest is history.

I have studied, applied and COACHED attraction, dating, and relationships for the past 5 years and I love it! I have tried and read and implemented ALL the courses out there. Trust me, if you have heard of it, I have read it.

So, this website is to show you some good products. Some of them maybe better than others, but they were either very interesting, or I thought that they would add value to others.

So thanks for checking my site out and I hope you get a lot of value of out the reviews and content that I provide. I hope that I can encourage, motivate and provide knowledge to those who want to become better socially, and just become a better person overall. I REALLY, TRULY, wish you the best in all of life, especially with your relationships.

Stay strong. Stay motivated. And Get LAID my friends! Talk to ya later.