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Wuddup! David here, reviewing yet another dating program called the Tao of Badass by Joshua Pellicer.Joshua Pellicer The Creator of TTOB If you want to skip my AMAZING review and don’t have any patience to read my thoughts on the program, THEN, just download the program here:

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So just what does a goldfish have to do with attracting a girl? PRE-SELECTION is the secret keyword here.

Pre-selection is a form of social proof, which was scientifically studied in the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. But instead of getting liked or “social proofed” by both men and women, pre-selection only pertains to being liked or “selected” by ONLY women.

Basically, all it means, is that when you are seen with other women, you become ATTRACTIVE to a woman’s eyes. There have been lots of studies on this, including other species (*cough* goldfish *cough*), which validate this theory.

I’ll explain more on pre-selection later, but for now let me give you a quick overview of the tao of badass.

Pros & Cons of the Tao of Badass


  • Based on Raw science, including a heavy emphasis on the science of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).
  • Great for beginners and learning a lot about the theory of attraction and how it works.
  • AWESOME value for the money. You get a TON of stuff. And it is friggin cheap. Enough said.
  • INCREDIBLE content on body language, eye movement, and reading social cues (again, a big emphasis on NLP).
  • Not only picking up girls, but goes deeply into Relationship Advice and creating DEEP RAPPORT.


  • Pretty big book. Along with the bonuses, goes over several hundred pages of content. You can use the Audiobook version if you’re not into reading that much.
  • No canned materials for beginners. This is probably a good thing, because you’ll be really on raw skill, but I just put it here cuz I couldn’t think of anything else negative :).

What You Get When You Purchase

Here’s what’s inside:

Tao of Badass Members Area

Tao of Badass Members Area

The Tao of Badass Original Book: The ORIGINAL TTOB system that has changed millions of men’s lives. Comes in ebook format or you can use the audiobook download. This is the core of the whole program.

5 Week Body Language Mastery: You’ll become a master of body language after this bonus course. In week one you’ll learn about eye contact. In week two you’ll learn about touch. In week three you’ll learn about negative body language. In week four, psychological space. And in week 5 Josh Pellicer will teach you about dominant body language. You also get an extra webinar on body language from the master himself.

Subliminal Inner Confidence MP3’s: Your unconscious mind controls 99% of what you do. Learn to tame the beast with these mp3s.

Module 1 of Hacking Attraction: Learn to develop yourself from the core. Not only will you learn about techniques of attraction, you’ll be able to truly develop into an ATTRACTIVE person who can naturally attract women.

5 Bonus Advanced Training Videos: Learn all about deep rapport, DHVing, Escalating, Qualifying, and the Badass Walk ^_~

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS AREA: I think this is worth the price itself. You get access to forums where you can collaborate on ideas and take these tactics even further. You’ll also get more examples from the book where you don’t get anywhere else.

Tao of Badass Bonuses

Escaping the Friend Zone: 2 mistakes that put you in the friend zone and how to escape it with three stupidly simple phases.

Breaking Up Like a Man: You’re going to get so good at getting girls, you are going to want to break up with some to get with better ones. This shows you a step by step of do’s and don’ts.

Never Get Cheated On: 6 PROVEN principles so that you’ll never get cheated on. A scientific formula way to find out if she is cheating or not and ways to never make it happen.

Other unannounced bonuses.

The Secret to the Tao of Badass System? What you will learn

Inside the TTOB eBook

Inside the TTOB eBook

So as I have said before, pre-selection will make you more attractive to girls. Like it said in the video, pre-selection occurs not only in goldfish, but in other species as well such as gorillas, turkeys, birds, and of course humans.

It is something that is genetically hardwired into us, more specifically women.

Let me explain a real experiment on pre-selection:

They have done a scientific experiment consisting of a few gentlemen, and several hundred girls on pre-selection.

They split the group of girls into two: Group A and Group B.

They showed Group A a picture of a smiling man, standing by himself. They asked to rate the attractiveness of the man.

They then showed Group B, the same picture of the smiling man, but standing next to a woman. They were again, asked to rate his attractiveness.

They compared the results.

A WHOPPING 80% (80 something, I forgot the exact percentage) of the girls found the man standing with the woman more attractive.

They also used many different male subjects and switched the group of girls around as well. Same results every time. This shows the POWER of pre-selection, scientifically PROVEN.

Click Here to Watch the Video if you Haven’t Already.

But the tao isn’t really based on the whole idea of pre-selection. I know in the sales video, it seems like pre-selection was the core system, but it actually is not.

The tao goes WAY deeper than just pre-selection. It is just ONE of the ideas present in the system.

Let me give you another concept that is given in the program.

In fact, I’m going to give it to you DIRECTLY from the ACTUAL TAO OF BADASS BOOK itself.

I’ll be revealing the APPROACH (because SO many of you have asked for it) and the science behind approach anxiety DIRECTLY from the eBook.

Approach and Filtering Mechanisms

A man is considered attractive to women (and men) if he has developed a strong and well-developed approach mechanism. He is considered confident and will attractive a greater number of girls.

Women on the other hand, have a filtering mechanism. If a girl doesn’t have a good filtering mechanism, she will attract guys that are not good for her.

Because of these two mechanisms, in our society today, guys who get a lot of girls are considered BADASSES because they have good approach mechanisms, while girls who sleep with a lot of guys are considered S|uts or Wh0res because they have a weak filtering mechanism.One of Josh Pellicer's Videos

Now unto the approach:

3 things to keep in mind:

-Approach Anxiety (the term we’ve all heard of)
-Emotions will take over logic

If there’s ONE practical things you can get out of this tao of badass review, this is it.

You MUST keep working on approach. It’s like a muscle; if you don’t work on it, it won’t grow. If you don’t keep maintenance, it will shrink.

Here is a direct quote from the book:

“All you have to do to get rid of your approach anxiety once and for all is change that belief system. You must know, deep down and without any doubts, that you are the kind of guy who approaches everyone he’s curious about. When you become that kind of man and you approach a woman who asks “Why are you talking to me?” you won’t view her question as a strong form of rejection as you once would have. Instead, you’ll see it as a perfectly legitimate question and you’ll respond with a perfectly legitimate answer: “Well, I always do this. I always talk to people that I’m curious about.” That simple answer will get you past a barrier that most guys get stuck on.”

Be NOT you

A lot of men might come with EXCUSES of not approaching. One typical one is, “I’m an INTROVERT. I’m just not that kind of guy that approaches people.” Well, a man named Wyatt Woodsmall, who was also the mentor of Tony Robbins said that in order to improve yourself, you have to be NOT you.

Be to a genuinely valuable person, you sometimes have to be NOT you. Run towards your fears and face them. You’ll evolve into the best version of yourself.

HACKING Approach Anxiety

The time it takes for FEAR impulse to reach your mind is approximately one to two seconds.

If you approach before this, you will HACK your brain and bypass the hesitation and excuse making factor.

It takes about one to three seconds for your emotional brain to send it’s impulses to the logical brain. Basically, it takes about one to three seconds to start making excuses.

If you approach BEFORE this time, you will have hacked your own brain, into approach anxiety. Hence the term “the three second rule” which was coined by pick up artist Mystery.

Don’t be Outcome Dependent

The worst part about approaching a girl is obvious being rejected. What if you’re main purpose of approaching a girl was to learn and get better instead of being dependent on the outcome? You can learn as much from your failures as you can from your successes.

So another way of dealing with approach anxiety, is to get something out of the interaction, regardless of the outcome. Enjoy the process, and try to learn from every interaction whether it was good or bad.

Tao of Badass Conclusion

Well, well, well. That comes to the end of my review. I am almost 100% certain that you have found some value out of this review. Unless I am 100% wrong :). But I hope you can use this info to make up your mind on purchasing the tao of badass by Josh Pellicer. I have certainly learned a TON from the book, and have used several of his techniques in field. BUT remember what I always say. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! Knowledge, as great as it is, is nothing without action. I wish you can attract the girl of your dreams with the info inside the book. There’s someone out there for all of us. Take care.

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