3 Questions to Seduction? – My CRAZY Vin Dicarlo Pandora’s Box System Review

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Welcome to another review! Today it is my honest vin dicarlo pandora’s box system review.Vin Dicarlo Coaching

Like always REMEMBER, that this is a review. If you want to visit the official site then go here:

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But before I begin, one question though:

Do you know what sound human ears are most sensitive to?

The answer is between 2 to 5 kHz.

What the hell does this have to do with girls? I’ll tell you in a minute. But first let me give you a brief overview of the Vin Dicarlo Pandoras Box System. But if you REALLY want to know that badly, scroll down to where it says “Human Sounds and Female Attraction”

Quick Pros and Cons


  • Ton of information and great research done on female psychology
  • A lot of interviews from experts and real women
  • Detailed explanation and strategy for the different type of women
  • A unique way of approaching pick up


  • Might not be for the very beginner
  • Some parts can get confusing, especially if you are new to this

Here’s what you get when you buy the pandora’s box system:

Access to the core system which includes:

Members Area of PB

A Look Inside the Members Area

  • 10 videos on the core strategies
  • Vast research of female psychology with an interview from an expert
  • 11 PDFs, including the “3 Questions” to ask her
  • Mind Reading her type and the “Pop Quiz”
  • The Ultimate Strategy Guide to help you attract that ideal type.

You also get a TON of interviews and videos on the different types of girls:

  • The Cinderella (NJI)
  • Connoisseur (NDR)
  • Your Private Dancer (TDR)
  • Modern Woman (NJR)
  • Hopeful Romantic (NDI)
  • Seductress (TJR)
  • Social Butterfly (TJI)
  • Playette (TDI)

What are all those words next to the names? I’ll tell you in the rest of the review. But let me get to the bonuses first.


Text Message Teleportation
Touch Her S-Spot
Speed Mindreading
Movie Magic
Facebook Famous
F**k Buddy Formula (yay!)
Bon Appetit

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How Does the Pandora’s Box Vin Dicarlo System Work?

So, the whole program works around finding out the girls personality type. Vin DiCarlo has split the women into 8 different personalities, which are mentioned above.

You need to identify her 3 different personality traits in order to categorize her into one of the 8 different personalities. And in order to find out the three traits, you do it by finding out the following things from her, which are also called her “conflicts”:

  • Her Time Line
  • Her Sex Line
  • Her Relationship Line

Let’s go over each of these “conflicts”

Time Line

Is the girl a Tester (T) or is she an iNvestor (N)?

Remember those weird random letters from above? Well, when we combine all her three conflicts together, we get the three letters we need to determine her personality. More on this later.

So a tester (T) is able to date multiple guys at once, while an iNvestor (N) can only invest her time on one person at a time. So this is her timeline.

Sex Line

Is the women of your dreams a Denier (D) or is she a Justifier (J)?

This part is pretty simple. Does she deny that she has sex, or wants sex? OR, is she pretty open to sex, but justifies her reason? Once you find this out, you are on to the next step.

Relationship Line

Is this girl a Realist (R) or an Idealist (I)?

This is how she basically views her future life with you. This is how she views HER life in relationship to how her life is with you.

To give you an example: She wants to be a great mother and have a good family, BUT at the same time, she might want to pursue her career as an actress. You can see where the “conflict” comes in. After you find this out, you then finally find out what her personality type is.

8 personality types of pandoras box

Personality Type

So when we combine all the letters together, we have 8 possible outcomes. That is why there are 8 different personality types.

For example, you can put the letters together and come up with:

NJI – which is The Cinderella


NJR – which is the Modern Women

And all the other combinations as well, you get the idea right?

So once you have her personality type, you then through the next part of the vin dicarlo pandoras box review which is the Ultimate Strategy Guide.

In the Ultimate Strategy Guide, is the plan on how to approach your specific girl, and what to say and also how to physically escalade. Very interesting stuff indeed!

Also, these strategy guides and the 3 “conflicts” of the female mind, are heavily researched, and make a lot of sense once you read the strategy guide. You can also find out the personality of the girl you like by taking this 3 minute quiz.

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Human Sounds and Female Attraction

So humans are most sensitive to hearing between 2 to 5 kHz because this is the around the frequency of sound a BABY makes and also the frequency when someone screams.

We are most prone to this type of sound, because back in the caveman days, we used this sound to interpret if someone (or a baby) was in danger, or if someone (or a baby, again) needed help. And NO, screaming or sounding like a baby won’t get you laid. But it is important though.

It is important because it is related to SURVIVAL. What has survival have to do with attraction?

If we were living in the cave man days, what is our number one priority as humans?

A scientist would say: To Survive and Reproduce. Period. That’s it.

Now a man, can survive on his own…BUTTT, he can’t reproduce by himself.

A woman, MOST likely can’t survive on her own…BUT she IS be able to bear a child.

So what a woman seeks in a man, on a very subconscious and biological level, is the ability to survive.

But a man and woman have very DIFFERENT survival strategies.

Woman, typically look for survival through SOCIAL ASSOCIATION. And Because this is hardwired into her brain, women are wayyyy better at picking up FEELINGS and empathy on how other people FEEL.

They FEEL what the other person FEELS. This is VERY, VERY important in creating attraction and on creating connection with a girl.

You can learn more about this stuff inside program.

Final Thoughts

The Pandora’s Box System is a very interesting program indeed. It is a very different way of creating attraction with a girl, and I found some of the material inside the program very fascinating. It’s almost like a scientific view on what attracts women. Like, I have said before, it goes deep into the female psychology and the differences of men and women in general. So, it might not be the best program for newbies. BUT, you can still find a ton of great value from the program. I sure learned a lot, and I hope that you will too. Thanks for reading my review my man! Until next time, stay motivated, stay strong, and GET LAID my friend.

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