Does Literotica Work? The Girlfriend Activation System Review GFAS – Don’t Buy It?

Sup, good looking dude!

Well, if you’re not already, you will be after reading today’s review. Today I will be reviewing the Girlfriend Activation System also known as GFAS.

Like I always do in all my reviews, you will get a INSIDE look inside the actual program, do that you know EXACTLY what you are buying.

Christian Hudson

Please do remember that this is my HONEST REVIEW of the program, and if you just CAN’T WAIT to hear my blabbering about the product then go here:

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When the first version of the GFAS was released, it was an AWESOME product. But the Social Man group and Christian Hudson have gone nuts.  Because they released an INCREDIBLE second edition.

NOTE: When you buy the girl friend activation system, you get BOTH the first version and the newest updated version 2, or whatever the version is at the time.

So once you are a member, you are basically a member for LIFE. Pretty much you get free upgrades to all the newest versions when they are released.

What am I getting when I buy?

So, do you remember in the sales video where they talk about literotica and how girls LOVE that stuff? Well, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them mention literotica in the course (I told you this was an HONEST review).

BUT what they do cover, is a great depth on what attracts women and how you can trigger these female attraction mechanisms (for a lack of a better word). So I guess in this way you can relate how literotica is used to turn those female fantasies into reality. They use what’s called the obsession story to create attraction.

So what are you REALLY getting when you purchase the system?

Let me first go over the OLD version, version 1 of gfas.

In Version 1 you get access to:

  • A closed door seminar presented by Mostly Christian and a small segment with Nick Sparks
  • Audio files of all the seminars
  • PDFs of various parts of the program
  • Coaching calls
  • Tons of bonuses

Version 1

A 7 Part step by step video course:

Part 1: Being the Obvious Choice
Christian Hudson makes an introduction to the course and tells you a bit of background about himself. Then he goes on to talk about different kinds of tests women give you, and ultimately about VALUE and what it really means to be the obvious choice.

Part 2: A Relationship-Ready Mind
As an hour long video, Hudson goes into the mindset that you need to really get the girl that you want. He includes the differences of nice guys, good guys, and bad guys. This is really about the inner game.

Part 3: Unforgettable First Impressions
Find out the BEST way to meet a girl and what the infamous “KING GAME” is all about.

Part 4: Fearless Approaching
Nick Sparks takes the mic and talks about how to approach girls and some techniques you can use.

Part 5: Dating to Sex
This is probably the core of the first version. Mr. Hudson talks about the first initial conversations and text messages, to setting up the PERFECT DATE.

Part 6: Sex to Girlfriend
Hudson goes through a step by step guide in the last segment the girl friend activation system review to secure the girl into being your girlfriend.

Now for the NEW version:

Be Your Girlfriend Video

watch now

Version 2

A 23 (TWENTY-THREE!!) Part step by step video seminar which provides MASSIVE value for your money. It’s split between two days:

Day 1: 1-11

Part 1: Introduction with Christian Hudson
Introductions, background and also the overview of the whole program.

Part 2: Masculine Power
The obsession story of a female. I guess this is where literotica can be related.

Part 3: Masculine Power ContinuedA 45 minute video where Hudson talks about the 6 traits that make YOU the type of man that women fall for.

Part 4: Questions & Answers with Alex (a girl from the audience)
Hudson asks Alex about how some of these techniques and knowledge makes her feel.

Part 5: Nick Sparks on Sexuality
Nick Sparks takes the stage and talks about the difference between the worthy guy and the guy who ends up in the friend zone.

Part 6: Jason Capital On Being a Challenge
Nick passes the mic to Jason Capital where he demonstrates in a 48 minute presentation on sparking attraction through challenges.

Part 7: Alex Allman On Being Genuine
Alex Allman takes stage and talks about letting your guard down w/out giving away your power. I thought it was really insightful.

Part 8: David On Dominance
David Wygant cover dominance for 45 minutes.

Part 9: Boyfriend Material
7 things women really want and also how to be a good boyfriend so that she sticks around.

Part 10: Questions & Answers
Q&A from the audience.

Part 11: The Obsession Story
He starts to form the entire picture by laying out the 3 steps of dating: obsession story, the investment, and check points.

V2 Members Area

Day 2: Parts 12-23

Part 12: Introduction to Day 2
Basic over of day 1 and outline of day 2.

Part 13: Impression
First impressions and standing out.

Part 14: King Game
The infamous KING GAME. How to use it to become a man of high value to attract women.

Part 15: Nick Sparks on Impression
Over 30 minutes on making a good impression by Nick Sparks

Part 16: What to Say
Don’t know what to say? Don’t worry Hudson’s got your back!

Part 17: Resetting Impression
Stuck in the friend zone? Don’t worry about that either! Hudson’s got your back again in this segment of the system where you can RESET of how a girl views you.

Part 18: Inspection
Passing a women’s test and creating space.

Part 19: The First Date
The famous PERFECT DATE to make her experience who you are.

Part 20: The Social Date
By getting your friends involved, she starts to invest more into you.

Part 21: The Sex Date
My FAVORITE PART! A step by step process for getting her to your bedroom (FINALLY!)

Part 22: Intimacy
How to go from dating to being “official.” Very solid advice.

Part 23: Conclusion
Final thoughts and over of the entire system.



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Sneak Peak Inside

Pros and Cons:


  • Probably the BEST program on getting a solid girl friend on the internet
  • Can be used by ALL skill levels
  • It helps you with other areas of your life as well: social circles, confidence, conversations, etc.


  • Some parts can be harder to implement than others
  • Need to have some basic knowledge of dating, in my opinion.

The Girlfriend Activation System REVEALED!

In awesome review, I will GIVE you, straight up, GIVE you one technique from the actual system itself. Here it is:

Story telling

Christian suggests to have 2-3 great stories about yourself, ready to go at anytime. Stories can:

  • Reveal spontaneity
  • Reveal personality traits: positive and fun things

The story method:

  1. Tell story
  2. End story by saying:
    -It was the most X thing I ever did
    -X being the personality trait (the most embarrassing, the craziest, the stupidest, etc)
  3. Then ask her:
    -What’s something X that you’ve done?
  4. Vibe with her on her story. Ask her why? Ask her how it looked like. Ask her how it felt.
  5. Future project the two of your stories together.
    **THIS IS THE KEY HERE**: Combine it so that you two can do something X together in the future. (Maybe we can be spontaneous together sometime, maybe we can be stupid together sometime, etc)

Example Story (a very, very condensed version):

So this one time, my friends and I were drinking in a bar in New York. We were having a blast together, bar hopping, you know the fun stuff. Then, I think it was after the 15th shot of whisky or so, when my friend suddenly comes up with the idea to go on a SPONTANEOUS (this is the X) trip to Mexico! And the drunk minded state I was in convinced me that it was the BEST idea in the world.

So, we went to JFK airport. And believe it or not, we purchased the LAST 3 tickets! Blah, blah, blah (fill in the blank with some details here.)

Then after the story, ask her a time when SHE was SPONTANEOUS (X).

Then after her story, say something like:

Well, maybe in the future, we can RANDOMNLY end up in Mexico together. You get the meals, I’ll buy the tickets (*smile).

Final Thoughts

So there you have my very honest review of the Girlfriend Activation System. I hope you found some kind of value from the review and I hope the content from the actual product helped to make your decision. Remember, all the knowledge in the world won’t do you anything if you don’t TAKE ACTION! So, buy the course, THEN APPLY everything you have learned. You reap big rewards when you do.

I know you’ll have great success. Cheers your to journey.

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